Yeo-na and the Fox god—New Release

Yeo-na and the Fox god

Taiki is a powerful aristocratic creature from the demon realm, known for countless ruthless acts. He swore within himself to avoid having a shared fate with humans which he considers as inferior beings…..

Chapter 1

In the Yokai world, a fierce battle was taking place between an aristocratic creature, and the Oni, the creature sought to dominate them and take over the realm of the Oni. It fortified its prowess and reign of terror in the yokai world.

Dressed in a flowing black and grey kimono of floral print and on its feet were black socks and wooden slippers. On its head it wore a Kanzashi “royal hairpin” of a silver color with deep blue gemstones, and eyes of ice purple.

Moving faster than the eye could see, the creature took out Futsu-no-mitama from the sheath, with one swing of the powerful sword surrounded by foxfire, hundreds of Oni fell to the ground with blood splattered everywhere, seeing their fallen comrades the rest of the Oni turned to their leader for guidance.

“Taiki-sama! Why are you trying to destroy us? We have sworn our allegiance to you three seasons ago, why have you chosen to betray us!”

The leader of the Oni shouted the angry words, but no sooner had the words been spoken, the creature sent a rain of foxfire with a swing of the sword in its hand. More bodies of Oni rose in the air and fell to the ground in a rain of blood.


Disclaimer: This image does not represent the character in the story and is only for temporary use, all credits of the image goes to the illustrator.

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